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Note the drawings and colours are brighter than shown in this GIF.

The Rules:
1. Spend time with project every day (anywhere from 10-30minutes)
2. Go on three "dates" a week with the project (set aside 2-3 hour blocks of time to work on it)
3. In lieu of seeing a couples therapist, choose a book or some form of tutorial, workshop to improve your craft.
    Spend at least one hour a week on this.
4. Respond to whatever questions Brendan Hibbert (NMT Lecturer) thrown at you (no less than seven more survey's).
5. Go on a weekend trip (choose a weekend to get away and spend my time with the project). 
6. No cheating (no handing in any other projects that make this easier)
7. Record the activity/keep a journal/fire up your Instagram

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